A Story for You on My Week Off

I took the week off of blogging to enjoy the beginning of Spring—hope you did too! In the next couple weeks, I’ll share my thoughts about the downtown pubs. In the meantime, please enjoy this story I wrote while I lived by Julliard Park (more on this neighborhood’s events and businesses in upcoming blogs).

Life Behind the Park: Episode VI

“Rocky” came back again last night—strutting around the fence top—continually triggering the motion light. I looked out the window, angry, frustrated. Rocky locked eyes with me. She knows shes been eighty-sixed from the deck, yet she lurks just outside, bordering on the zone I’ve forbidden her from entering. She’s looking at me, into me; is she challenging my authority? I examine her paws, “Damn those look like opposable thumbs”, I think, “that’s what makes her such a viable nemesis.” That and her stance, I am being stared down. I make a note to self: look up raccoons and thumbs.

Suddenly, the source of the additionally strange noises I’ve been hearing becomes apparent. The tiniest raccoon is slowly making it’s way up the fence, chirping, “Mama, Mama! Wait for me!” It’s so cute; being empathic is interesting. At this point, I’m banging on the window with my flashlight in a feeble attempt to scare them away—don’t leave baby behind Rocky!

And then I realize, Rocky has come by to show off her new kin—and boy, is the Rockette adorable, with it’s little tail and wobbly round body, it waddles up the fence like a toddler learning to walk while negotiating the awkward padding of a diaper. I think the situation through. OK Rocky, technically, you are barred from the deck, which you are currently one foot from. However, my feline loves are inside (you know I don’t approve of them hanging with you). But, your baby’s very sweet, a reminder of the true innocence of us all and basic instinctual behavior.

My former deck bordering Julliard Park

I decide to let Rocky be, not that I had any confidence in my tactics— the flashlight, clapping and the stern talking had not been effective. So, Rocky and I seemed to have come to an agreement. Maybe I can forgive the theft and vandalism on the deck due to the mitigating circumstances. How nice that she stopped by with the child for a visit. Or, wait—hey—I bet you came by to show the little bugger the best “shopping” spot in the neighborhood! Ha! I bet you you were surprised to see your favorite entrance no longer in service. You thought it was clandestine, but no, this store has anti-theft surveillance!

So, maybe my thumbs and I do have an effective technological advantage. Maybe this on-going battle is over, or maybe next time nesting season comes around, those (practically) opposable thumbs will get past my fencing/brick defenses. Until then, Rocky, you can stay on the fence (I do live on the park, so it only seems fair.) I only hope that’s a baby boy I just met.

Look for the following prequels (pending action figure sales):

I. Damn! Where’s my Seat Cushion?
II. Really?! Again?! Must you destroy one of each pair?
III. Oh! That’s Why Rocky’s Was So Fat: Introducing the Rockettes
IV. The Catnip Incident: Lessons on Gardening and Life
V. Kharla Strikes Back: Underground Passages and Piper’s Milieu/Meow


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