Low-Stress Shopping: Finding Fabulous Gifts Downtown

As I told you last week, I am no fan of shopping, especially during the winter holidays. I do however love buying Christmas and birthday gifts. To make the experience pleasant, I do the bulk of my gift buying downtown. Here are my favorite shops for gift items:

Treehorn Books

Do you love books? If so, You’ll love Treehorn Books located at 625 Fourth Street, Treehorn is a used bookstore,so don’t expect to find the latest bestseller.


What you will find is what feels to me like more of a library with wonderful books on a multitude of subjects, all for discount prices. It’s a fun place to browse, I couldn’t even estimate how many books they have, the place is just packed with them. I have purchased calendars for Christmas gifts; they put out tables of calendars each year—something for everyone on your gift list. I also shop here for the classic authors, which in my gift-giving are Dr. Suess and AA Milne (Winnie the Pooh author). So if you have either of these authors’ books, please consider selling them to Treehorn, my niece’s birthday is coming up.

Kindred Fair Trade Handcrafts

Inside Kindred

Located at 605 Fourth Street, Kindred gets my vote for the most consistently colorful and unique window display; it beckons you to come inside and browse. Their name says it all, they have beautiful handmade items from around the globe, all procured via fair trade practices (fair local wages, no child labor, good working conditions). I especially love a lot of the decorative items and my friend’s son enjoyed checking out the toy section. Don’t you love the simple toys?


Located at 637 Fourth Street, Corrick’s has been downtown since 1915. The store is part art gallery, part office supply store (see last week’s post), and full of elegant gifts.

Glassware at Corrick’s

I love their selection of glassware and artistic vases, and always have felt that Corrick’s would be a great place to purchase a wedding gift. They sell big-name products like Riedel and Swarovski, yet maintain a real wine country feel by featuring local artists in their Art Trails gallery. I recently bought some lovely Santa Rosa and Sonoma County postcards (if you buy 10, you get 2 free). I also bought a beautiful blank card produced by a local photographer. At Christmastime, I love their window display of ornaments.

Made Local Marketplace

I recently stopped by 529 Fourth Street and was impressed to see how much the Made Local Marketplace has grown since its time on Fifth Street. A truly fun shopping experience, you’ll find gift items made by over 600 artisans, 98% of whom are in Sonoma County.

I was pleased to see a wide variety of creative wares: unique craft pieces, artwork, pillows, and lamps, alongside body care items, and fresh eggs. Pictures of the artists accompany their wares, which nicely adds to the experience of shopping locally. You can even pick up some yummy baked goods from the Criminal Baking & Noshery outpost (more on them in the upcoming post about the SOFA district).

Check out Made Local Marketplace’s website for a list of upcoming workshops. This weekend, for example, folks are invited to make ceramics or collages or bring the kids to make their own succulent gardens.

If you enjoy spending your money locally, as I do, I recommend you check out these shops for a delightful shopping experience. Hope to see you downtown!


5 thoughts on “Low-Stress Shopping: Finding Fabulous Gifts Downtown

  1. Great suggestions. I sometimes forget about the great, unique gifts you can find downtown (way better than stuff at the mall!). I’ve never been to Made Local, I’ll have to check them out


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