Low-Stress Shopping: Finding Everyday Items Downtown

We all need to shop, whether it be for a birthday or holiday gift or any everyday item. I, however, am not a big fan of the experience—I don’t particularly enjoy the driving, the parking, or the lines, especially during the winter holidays. Furthermore, I have an aversion to any indoor mall.

All this has lead me to search out downtown stores that I can walk to and purchase items I need. On a nice day downtown, shopping in locally-owned stores makes the errand far more pleasant. This week, I’ll tell you about a few of my favorites stores for everyday items. Next week, I’ll share my favorites spots for gift shopping.


Located at 637 Fourth Street, Corrick’s was established in 1915. The store is part art gallery, part office su

Inside Corrick’s

pply store (more on the art gallery aspect next week). The thing I like most about Corrick’s is the office supply section. Last Christmas, I was midway though wrapping gifts when I ran out of Scotch tape—what a hassle! For slightly more cents, I was able to walk to a locally-owned store and happily skip the crowds and hassle of Big Lots or CVS; an experience I’d call priceless.

Fourth Street Market and Deli

On the corner of Mendocino and Fourth is a convenient, local market for your everyday purchases. Need some milk, paper towels or cat food? They’ve got you covered. They also have off-sale wine and beer. In addition to the handy everyday items, they have a popular deli and even serve milk shakes.

Santa Rosa Tool Library

Yes, that’s right, downtown has a library where you can rent out tools!. A volunteer-run, public charity, the tool library is a great asset for any handy person. Why buy a tool to use just once when you can borrow it? You must be an adult living or working in Sonoma County to borrow. Check out their website for a current list of available tools and the library’s details.

Central Santa Rosa Library

While we’re talking about lending libraries, there is an impressive DVD selection in the Sonoma County Library system. You can have any DVD in their collection delivered to your local branch. So, next time you feel like you’ve seen everything interesting on Netflix, give the downtown library a try. It’s located at 211 E Street and closed on Mondays.

Asef’s Appliance Service

Years ago, I threw away a really great vacuum cleaner, I still regret not thinking of Asef’s first. At 709 Fourth Street, you’ll find the place to get your lamps, vacuums and various small appliances fixed. They sell lamps shades, and have an impressive assortment of small appliance parts. I go here every time I need a key made.

Tate’s Shoe Service

Located at 402 Mendocino Avenue, Tate’s is where I go for all my shoe and purse-related needs. I had my favorite pair of boots re-soled here for a reasonable price. I brought in other pairs of shoes that had seen better days, and were not fixable; there’s a large trashcan for those naive, yet hopeful, folks like me. Tate’s also sells a variety of polish, etc. so you can spruce up your items at home, just ask and you’ll get helpful advice. Be sure to bring cash, this place doesn’t deal in plastic.

So that’s it for this week, thanks for stopping by. Please subscribe or check back for next week’s post, “Low-Stress Shopping: Finding Fabulous Gifts Downtown”

Hope to see you downtown Santa Rosa!


10 thoughts on “Low-Stress Shopping: Finding Everyday Items Downtown

  1. Wow! I’ve been going to Santa Rosa my whole life and I have never been or heard of these places mentioned. It sure is annoying having to go to a bigger store to purchase something small like scotch tape and having to wait in those huge lines. I will have to check some of these places out sometime soon.
    Yesenia M. from cs5711 🙂


  2. CS5711
    Cool idea. I find the blog quite informative, having your personal touch and just enough coverage of shops to not overwhelm the reader. I have dear friends who live just south of town. I occasionally dog sit for them and frequently walk downtown Your accounts will be helpful in my own navigation and I am looking forward to reading about new discoveries. Suggestion: link to retailers who have a website. Maybe some pics too.


    1. Christopher, Thanks for reading and for your feedback! The names of each business (above my description) link to the store’s website or facebook page, except for the last two for which I could not find a site. More pictures coming soon 🙂


      1. I thought the links were underlined when published, my newbie mistake 🙂 I have now added additional underlines to the titles to indicate that they are also links. Please let me know if the links are more obvious now.
        Thanks, Kharla


  3. Great blog idea. Your personal experience as a local gives a welcome perspective. I love that you’re covering places that are “regular” spots, versus “tourist” spots. I also love that you included the library and their resources. And I’m stoked to learn about the Santa Rosa Tool library. I’ll definitely check them out. I like your layout and your links through to the locations when they were available. CS5711


    1. Thanks for stopping by Cindy! We are indeed fortunate to have the tool library, it’s is a great local resource to support and utilize. Turns out one of my favorite “regular” spots is also a “tourist” spot, stay tuned…


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