An Introduction to Downtown Santa Rosa

Do you enjoy live music, microbrews, art, and shopping locally? Yeah, me too—that’s why I live in downtown Santa Rosa.

For the past nine years, I have been within short walking distance of some of the best venues and business our city has to offer. Now I’m excited to share with you my favorite pubs, restaurants, and shopping spots as well as music and art venues I have enjoyed. From the world-renowned to lesser-known gems, I will guide you though the joys and issues of living downtown. I will offer you tips, resources and information helpful for your next visit to my neighborhood.

We will also explore two neighboring areas as I introduce you to my picks of places and seasonal events you won’t want to miss. Within about a quarter mile of downtown is the SOFA District on South A Street, known for its art galleries and festive events. Also next to downtown is Railroad Square, home to great shopping and eateries.

Did you know that Santa Rosa has a cupcakery, a tequileria, and a whisky bar? Do you know where you can get rare books, handmade crafts or free tool rentals downtown? Have you every wondered what the difference is between parking in a city lot versus a city garage? I’ll address these issues and more in the coming weeks! Whether you need just the right birthday gift or the Scotch tape to wrap it, I’ve got you covered with suggestions that will keep you out of the mall.

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8 thoughts on “An Introduction to Downtown Santa Rosa

  1. I live downtown so I am excited to continue to follow this blog as you post. Make sure to include all of your knowledge of restaurants because I am always on the hunt for new eats! Any upcoming event might be cool to cover as well, and if you have any knowledge of the new developments such as courthouse square or two trek brewery that would be awesome to read about!. YAY SR!


  2. Yippee! My first comment on my new blog–thank you! I will be including my favorite restaurants and information on seasonal events in and near downtown. Also, look for an upcoming “What’s New Downtown” post for information on 2 Tread Brewing and a discussion about Courthouse Square. Thanks for reading 🙂


  3. Thank you for the forthcoming information. Must admit you caught my attention, intriguing us about the gems of knowledge to come (such as the difference between a City lot and a City garage….) Sounds like an informative blog for sure.


    1. @daw1200 Thanks for reading! An upcoming post will address parking and transportation options. Parking issues are one of the few complaints I hear about downtown, I hope to make the visit to my neighborhood less stressful for my readers.


  4. Great blog and I look forward to your ongoing post. I have a few to catch up on as well. I was the President of the San Mateo Downtown Association and My home was one block off from one downtown mains streets. I moved up to Santa Rosa and live in the JC, so I have about a 25 minute walk from downtown. Wish I was a bit closer, but close enough. My gut says downtown Santa Rosa is ready for a bit of a Renaissance. We will see! (CS5711)


    1. Thanks for reading! I plan to do an upcoming post on parking and transportation options (for the times you don’t feel like walking). I’ll include info on the buses, some of which are free for JC students. I have friends in your neighborhood and they bus often. Do you walk down Humboldt/Bicycle Blvd? It has lights at the major intersections, so I find it a good route between the JC neighborhood and downtown.


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